Rosemary And You:  Do More Than Cook With It!

Rosemary And You: Do More Than Cook With It!

  • By - Hal Huffman
  • 06 December, 2018

Why Rosemary Extract??

After meticulously studying our ingredient list, you may be wondering to yourself, “Why JR? Why do you put Rosemary Extract in each stick of your carefully crafted organic Farmpit deodorants?”  Well, there are huge benefits for using this wonderful ingredient (both healthwise and smellwise). Rosemary first and foremost is an herb. It is a very hearty and easy to grow plant that looks similar to a conifer branch.  Rosemary smells great and tastes great. That is why it is such a common herb used in recipes for cooking. Rosemary can also be pressed for oil. The oil extracted from the leafs is used to make medicine for common digestion problems such as heartburn and loss of appetite.  

So now that you have gotten to know Rosemary, let's discuss why we use it in our sticks.   We use Rosemary in its purest state for our formulation, the pressed and extracted oil form.  We want the extracted ingredients we use to perform two main tasks on the skin: prevent the bacteria that smells bad and keep a naturally great scent.  Rosemary is a natural antiseptic, which makes it great for using on the scalp and skin. Bacteria tend to thrive in warm, moist places, which makes your pits a perfect breeding ground for the little critters.  Now don’t get me wrong, JR loves most all critters but he draws the line at microscopic critters that make you smell bad. As mentioned above, keeping the bacteria in your pits under control is crucial to formulating an organic deodorant that smells and works great.  

Rosemary is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as a great source of antioxidants.  Remember that when you apply something to your skin that it does not stop at the surface of your skin or the epidermis.  That is why it is so important to avoid the chemicals in normal deodorants, such as aluminum, propylene, parabens and baking soda.  Since there are so many amazing benefits from ingesting Rosemary, you can rest easy when you apply Farmpit Organic Deodorant to your underarms.   

Aluminium Free

You wouldn’t wear aluminum socks, would you? So why put it in your armpits? Plus, that stuff might cause cancer. JR doesn’t think that’s very cool either way. The only aluminum he likes has domestic beer inside of it.

Paraben Free

Parabens are a group of commonly used preservatives in cosmetic products, including in deodorants. Parabens have been linked to causing infertility in men. JR definitely does not like that one bit. Let’s keep your little guys swimming hard and your pits smelling good.

Polypropylene Free

A flammable gaseous hydrocarbon C3H6 obtained by cracking petroleum hydrocarbons and used chiefly in organic synthesis. Would you put that in your pits?

Baking Soda Free

Baking Soda in deodorant is commonly known to cause rashes, itchy/dry pits, discoloration, and can even cause breakouts. Basically the alkaline properties of baking soda will have a chemical reaction with your naturally acidic skin bits. Over time this damages the skin and leaves you susceptible to sores and infections. Just more stuff that has no business being on your body