Stint of Blog:  A Log Story

Stint of Blog: A Log Story

  • By - Hal Huffman
  • 27 November, 2018

Organic Coconut oil.  Organic Cornstarch. Organic Beeswax.  Organic Rosemary. Organic Spicewood Essential Oil.  Blended, not stirred.

These are the five foundational pillars atop sits the scent.  The scent of log. In this stint of blog about scent of log, we’re going to dive into the organic olfactory pleasantries--the wood chips of foundation that will make your inner monologue wonder where this organic deodorant has been all of your life.  Despite the pitched narrative of JR growing these scintillating smells in the organic soil, a dedicated team carefully constructs the delicate ratios of function and fragrance. Each foundational component, the binders of the organic deodorant, are common across all of our products. The beeswax and cornstarch are binding agents.  Coconut oil helps emulsify the fragrant friends within

We will warn you though, this spicy organic deodorant (not to be eaten, remember) is the most aromatic of our flavors.  It packs a wallop punch to your nostrils, but damn does it last all day.  USDA certified organic wombo combo of long lasting, smooth application, and great smelling means you can spend less of your day worrying “where did I put that stick because I need to have it on me all the time” and more “what was I actually supposed to be doing today anyway”.  Maybe set that pen down big guy. Farmpit Scent of Log has you covered, but only your pits, not that pit between your ears.

Aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly-somethingor other.  Go ahead, keep putting it in your body for a few more decades.  Surely that has always worked out in the past, right? At least we can spell Aluminium chlorohydrate if we’re copying it from the dictionary.  Still, are you positive you know all of the chemicals that are going into your body every day?  Do you know what they do? Do the people selling it? Sure, the same could be said for beeswax and cornstarch, but at least we know where they come from.  Bees are the coolest insects around, and they have top notch knees.


JR signing off

Aluminium Free

You wouldn’t wear aluminum socks, would you? So why put it in your armpits? Plus, that stuff might cause cancer. JR doesn’t think that’s very cool either way. The only aluminum he likes has domestic beer inside of it.

Paraben Free

Parabens are a group of commonly used preservatives in cosmetic products, including in deodorants. Parabens have been linked to causing infertility in men. JR definitely does not like that one bit. Let’s keep your little guys swimming hard and your pits smelling good.

Polypropylene Free

A flammable gaseous hydrocarbon C3H6 obtained by cracking petroleum hydrocarbons and used chiefly in organic synthesis. Would you put that in your pits?

Baking Soda Free

Baking Soda in deodorant is commonly known to cause rashes, itchy/dry pits, discoloration, and can even cause breakouts. Basically the alkaline properties of baking soda will have a chemical reaction with your naturally acidic skin bits. Over time this damages the skin and leaves you susceptible to sores and infections. Just more stuff that has no business being on your body