Top 5 Ingredients to Look For In Organic Deodorant

Top 5 Ingredients to Look For In Organic Deodorant

  • By - Hal Huffman
  • 14 March, 2019

If you want to ditch the aluminum, parabens, and propylene in your deodorant, the options you have these days can make your head spin.  You’ve gotta choose between natural, organic, and even natural with organic ingredients.   If you’re looking for an alternative to the big deo brands, we’ve got your pits covered with Farmpit USDA certified organic deodorant.


What makes our deodorant so great?  Great formula, quality ingredients, and a long lasting fresh scent.  Here are the top 5 things you’ll want to look for in your deodorant that Farmpit guarantees you love.  

1. Long-lasting formula  

Farmpit just doesn’t smell great, it lasts all day long.   Our pit stick is perfectly balanced to conform to any man’s (or woman’s) body to control odor.  With a base of organic beeswax, organic corn starch, and organic coconut oil, you can rest assured that Farmpit will stick with you all day long.  

2. Exceptional consistency

Like we said, our formulation is perfectly balanced.  Not only does that make a deodorant that stays with you all day long, but it also paves the way for exceptional consistency.  Farmpit glides smoothly and clearly on your pits with no clumps. It it not too hard and not too soft. We have found that sweet spot that exists in a world of deodorants that stain your clothes and clump in your pits.

3. High-quality USDA certified organic ingredients that you can read

That’s right, high quality USDA certified food safe ingredients.  This is what separates Farmpit from most of the other brands out there.  There are many brands that are labeled as “natural”, but there’s as much bullshit in that word as there is in my boots.  This is where Farmpit is different. Our formulation has been thoroughly reviewed by a USDA organic certifying body and earned the title “USDA Certified Organic”. Farmpit’s formulation also only consists of five high quality USDA certified organic ingredients.  Read our ingredient list - we bet you’ll recognize every single ingredient. We believe that life is hard enough, so your deodorant should not be complicated. Our deodorant ingredients are certainly More Organiker than anything you have ever tried!

4. Absolutely no baking soda

Farmpit’s formulation contains no baking soda.  The biggest complaint we hear about natural deodorants is that it irritates peoples pits.   That’s because most natural deodorants contain baking soda. Baking soda is an alkaline ingredient which tends to react with your skin’s naturally, slightly acidic properties.  Your precious pit skin can be damaged during this reaction leaving you susceptible to rashes, inflammation and infections. Let’s keep those pits healthy! Our deodorants are also free of parabens, aluminum and propylene.  

5. Kills bacteria  

Believe it or not, your sweat isn’t the only thing that makes you have body odor.  Those dark, warm pits are a perfect breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. Farmpit uses a blend of organic rosemary extract, beeswax, and cornstarch to help keep those pesky little varmints at bay.  Now JR loves critters as much as the next person, but he draws the line at stinky ones.

Aluminium Free

You wouldn’t wear aluminum socks, would you? So why put it in your armpits? Plus, that stuff might cause cancer. JR doesn’t think that’s very cool either way. The only aluminum he likes has domestic beer inside of it.

Paraben Free

Parabens are a group of commonly used preservatives in cosmetic products, including in deodorants. Parabens have been linked to causing infertility in men. JR definitely does not like that one bit. Let’s keep your little guys swimming hard and your pits smelling good.

Polypropylene Free

A flammable gaseous hydrocarbon C3H6 obtained by cracking petroleum hydrocarbons and used chiefly in organic synthesis. Would you put that in your pits?

Baking Soda Free

Baking Soda in deodorant is commonly known to cause rashes, itchy/dry pits, discoloration, and can even cause breakouts. Basically the alkaline properties of baking soda will have a chemical reaction with your naturally acidic skin bits. Over time this damages the skin and leaves you susceptible to sores and infections. Just more stuff that has no business being on your body