I’m JR.
Ever since I was a little feller, I always worried about the deodorant that my mama bought in the store. I'd sit on the crapper and read the labels, busting my brain for hours trying to pronounce over half of what’s in 'em. And to make matters worse, my grand diddy started to lose his mind, and ya know what? I think it was cause of that got dang aluminum filled deo.

So I’ve spent my entire life crafting an all natural, USDA certified organic stick.
The perfect stick.

I know men exist in all kinds of forms -- rough, smooth, and everything in between. Farmpit’s got something that’ll fit the needs of any man, even the guy with sensitive skin. Totally chemical free — No aluminum, no propylene, no bullshit. To be honest, the only bullshit you’ll find is on the bottom of these here boots. So let me ask ya this one question: ya wouldn’t put anything on ya that you wouldn’t put IN ya… would ya?

Of course not! So ya gotta understand that when ya try Farmpit, you’re embarking on a lifelong journey of serving the needs of a hardworking, musky feller like muhself. These sticks are easy on the skin, but they work; they work hard. Next time you’re on the crapper and ya need something to read, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to pronounce all of our USDA certified organic, totally chemical free deo.
I’m JR, and I approve this message.

Aluminium Free

You wouldn’t wear aluminum socks, would you? So why put it in your armpits? Plus, that stuff might cause cancer. JR doesn’t think that’s very cool either way. The only aluminum he likes has domestic beer inside of it.

Paraben Free

Parabens are a group of commonly used preservatives in cosmetic products, including in deodorants. Parabens have been linked to causing infertility in men. JR definitely does not like that one bit. Let’s keep your little guys swimming hard and your pits smelling good.

Polypropylene Free

A flammable gaseous hydrocarbon C3H6 obtained by cracking petroleum hydrocarbons and used chiefly in organic synthesis. Would you put that in your pits?

Baking Soda Free

Baking Soda in deodorant is commonly known to cause rashes, itchy/dry pits, discoloration, and can even cause breakouts. Basically the alkaline properties of baking soda will have a chemical reaction with your naturally acidic skin bits. Over time this damages the skin and leaves you susceptible to sores and infections. Just more stuff that has no business being on your body